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Rust Repair

Hondas of the '80s and early '90s are phenomenally durable, reliable cars. But in the Northeast and Midwest USA and in Canada, they can be very prone to rust. In fact, most cars develop rust around and behind the rear wheel openings. Traditional body repair of this rust can be expensive, and may only be a temporary fix.

So what's the solution?

Civic Duty offers Three Innovative Products that resolve this problem.

The "Honda Patch"

The "Honda Patch" is a small panel that covers damaged metal behind the wheel well.

The "Arch Revival"

The "Arch Revival" is perfect for vehicles with rust at various points on or around the entire wheel well lip.

The "New Q"

The "New Q" is great for badly rusted and dented cars that would benefit from an entirely new quarter panel, but when it is not cost effective or possible to do such a major repair.

Sample Installation - click to view

Pricing - click to view

Additional Information:
Civic Duty repair panels are made of a durable and flexible hand-laid Fiberglass material made with special vinylester resin. "New-Q" panels are made of vacuum-formed carbon fiber. Panels may vary somewhat from those pictured here, and vary in size depending upon specific vehicle application.

Our panels are easy to apply. Just do some basic prep work, grind away loose rust and apply rust-preventative. Then permanently glue our rust and corrosion-free panel on. It's so thin it will be easy to blend and paint.

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