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Welcome to Civic Duty Parts

We at Civic Duty are dedicated to preserving older Honda automobiles, particularly those built from 1982 to 1993.

It is unlikely that vehicles with this amazing blend of simplicity and sophistication will ever be produced again, so join us in the effort to save these wonderful cars.

We primarily stock parts for the following vehicles, but if you send us an e-mail about earlier classic Hondas, we may be able to locate parts for you.

New Parts

Civic Duty has purchased large quantities of New Old Stock (NOS) Honda parts from dealers who no longer desire to retain slow-moving parts for older vehicles. These include body parts, such as fenders, bumpers and glass, mechanical parts, including many suspension and brake parts, and also some hard-to-find "hard parts" such as cylinder heads and crankshafts. We also have a large number of Factory Rear Spoilers and Bumpers for newer Civics and Accords.

We are adding more items monthly, so search your particular model periodically.

To search our database click here and enter your vehicle information.

Used Parts

Civic Duty also has a private Honda graveyard (mostly '84-'91 CRXs, Civic Hatchbacks, Sedans and Wagons) and contacts with recyclers nationwide. We may be able to find that special used part. Send us your request, even if we can't find the part right away, we'll add it to our search list.

Rust Repair

Civic Duty has developed an Innovative Solution for RUST PROBLEMS which are so common with older Hondas.

See the Rust Repair page for a full description about parts that will help you fix that ugly wheel-arch (wheel-well) rust...inexpensively.

Motorcycle Parts

Many thanks to our motorcycle parts customers who have purchased from us through the years. Recently we have sold our entire inventory so that we can focus more on Honda car parts. To order from the buyer's expanded inventory of motorcycle parts, please contact: www.hondarestoration.com

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